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This page was last updated: April 15, 2017
The latest contemporary abstract paintings from Karen Hale.  For purchase price or any information about these paintings, please inquire via phone or email.

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"Really beautiful professional abstracts!
Sophisticated color sensitivity, unique limited palette, strong composition, plenty of unstructured space, dynamic balance of cools and warms, restrained balance of techniques, strong focal point, variety of textures-form-line & wash...
Superb paintngs! "      L.L.

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Contemporary + Abstract + Mixed Media Paintings

Prices and any other information about the paintings may be obtained by clicking here:  Contact Us

All artwork appearing on this website is the property of Karen Hale and is protected under United States and International law.  The artwork may not be reproduced, stored, or manipulated without the written permission of the artist.
April 13, 2017   "Detour"   20x20  An original abstract contemporary painting
April 14, 2017    "Midsummer"   20x20  an abstract contemporary painting
April 15, 2017    "First Blush"   18x18   an original abstract contemporary acrylic painting