Color and light-filled canvases of Karen Hale transport the viewer into a world of ethereal beauty. 

The quaint and small gold country town of Jackson, California is where I make my home. This is where more than a century ago adventurers searched for treasure. With my paintings, I encourage the viewer to do the same; to search for their own personal meaning and make discoveries along the way.

My abstract paintings have been called dynamic, bold, explosive, and exciting. Over the past few years I have been developing a new line of abstract landscapes that have a more serene and calm sense – bringing feeling, harmony and movement to either style is my goal. I love the challenge of experimenting with new materials and ideas.

I have been a full time working artist for over forty-six years. Even though I have no formal training, much of what I learned came at my father’s side who was a commercial artist. I have always been fascinated with various materials and how they interact and pride myself on my “dare to try” attitude.

The motivation to excel results in abstract images that feel free and spontaneous but exude design and beauty. Texture, dimension, color, and good design are the basis for my work.

Since I work with many layers of various mediums I like to work in acrylics. Their fast drying properties lends itself to my technique of adding washes and glazes which reveal the layers below: sometimes altering colors and generating nuances of form and hue. The paintings may include texture medium, chalk pastel, found papers, pen, graphite and or metallic leafing. All of these elements give the piece depth and interest.

A number of different implements are used to achieve the finished product such as those that may be found in the garage or kitchen. I also use traditional artists’s brushes and tools. Anything is fair game to my way of thinking. The edges of my paintings are painted black to give them a finished look and each has a clear gloss UV protective finish.

My work can be found throughout the world in private collections and commercial enterprises. Go on your own journey of discovery and enjoy the magnificent exploration of color, texture and depth.